Over the past few years, Wollongong has observed a noticeable spike in tourism statistics making it a prime location for real estate developers, investors and those looking to dwell in this beautiful city on the coastal lines of New South Wales, Australia. With over 1 million visitors each year the property value has also spiked in the past few years making it one of the hottest areas. In last four years, the expenditure due to the influx of tourists has increased to over 700 million dollars a year. On the other hand, business is flourishing with a stable trend in the city.

Coastal Property in Wollongong

Beaches being the primary attraction of the city have spiked the coastal property rates substantially more than the other areas in the city. The coastal property isn't just commercial areas for restaurants and mall but resorts and other living options to provide better access to the beach for tourists. All in all a five star rated area for buying property and investing in real estate if you are looking to buy property in Wollongong.

Inner City Property in Wollongong

Inner city property is just as prime as the coastal property largely due to better access to the nightlife options in the city. Beside beaches, most of the attractions revolve around the nightlife and the party scene in this beauty of a city. On the other hand, the inner city is also a good place to access other attractions of the city. Although some would rate it as high as the coastal property but most would agree on an uncontested four-star property in the Wollongong city.

Property in Wollongong Suburbs

Although the least wanted of the three the suburban areas are a mix of elite and non-elites based on your location around the city. Perhaps the most difficult market to speculate and investment in the suburbs is particularly difficult to predict. It is the difficult nature of these predictions and trends that most investors would rather stay out of the suburbs than to risk their investment in such an area dropping it down to a three-star area for investments and purchases.

How we achieve the highest prices for properties in Wollongong

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